Are the Colonists that great By: Franklyn J Wallace


You’re Good at Looting Peoples Shores

And Stealing All Their Gold

Looting All Their Artifacts

You’re A Thief Since Days of Old

Good at Hypnotizing

So They Run Right Back to You

Pledging Their Allegiance

Despite All The Crap You Do

You’re Good for Being Liars

Deceiving Through the Years

Having Them Believe in Fables

By Playing on Their Fears

You Stole Their Great Inventions

Patent Makes Them Yours

Their Greatest Pieces in Your Museums

Stolen from Distant Shores

You’re Good at Causing Poverty

Bloodshed Cross the Globe

The World Can See With Clarity


So it is Paradoxical

When Greatness You Now Claim

Go Find The Deepest Dungeon

And Hang Your Heads In Shame !

Maybe When it comes to Scheming

And Building Strife and Hate

But When It Comes To Integrity

Britain and All You Colonists, Are You That Great ???

c 26 7 2022

Emperor Elijah Abeid Cazembe Muata Franklyn J Wallace Jamaica W.I

Stairways to the Stars By Aston S. Young Snr

Our Father who art in money

Hallowed be thy Lotto game

Ten per cent will pay the rent

Preacher says it’s heaven-sent

money, money, money!

Hallowed be thy sleight of hand.

Oh, bended knee,


roll them bones with Nuff respect

load them up just to be sure

 after seven comes eleven

and much much more

money, money, money!

Oh! Hallowed be thy three-card game

Fast forward to the new world order;

putrid pig on rich white bread

monosodium glutamate;

flavoured heroine, multinational conglomerate;

military dialogue; shells exchanged through London fog;

Euro unions continental-wide as United Nations downward slide,

Oh! Money!

Money! money! money!

Hallowed be, thy trickery!

Big up piracy, bankruptcy, financial hypocrisy,

little me must hold the line to keep what’s mine!

Lest they rob I blind!

Nurses, teachers, tech-nerds drains

flush down the brain drain main!

Oh, money! Money, money, money! Hohohoho 1

Hallowed be the last laugh!

Oh, hosanna the highest

Alcohol, crack cocaine, heroin,

design your need then

send your order across any border for

tax-free twenty-four-seven delivery;

have no illusion about the collusion;

it’s a bloodstream scheme supreme,

for money! Oh, Money!

Money, money, money!

Hallowed be thy mockery

The final solution?

Genocidal pollution,

 without no sun, the earth will soon be done

then see we run;

it takes a lotta fuel to search the stars to launch from Mars;

there will be rocket ships for trillionaires.

The rest of us

just climb the stairs,

for want of money! Money, money, money!

Broken Promises By: Khalid Legare

Where are all the promises

Screamed on the podiums

By our lying elected politicians

Are there still expectations

Kids acting like adults

Swearing and fighting

Raping and killing

To be punished like adults

Single mothers are our hope

Fathers only seeking whores

Kids are left without hope

Father’s filling the purses of whores

When will we be safer?

Who will make it better?

Where will it be sweeter

Where will it be less scary?

Hope we can’t let you go

Peace is not our foe

Love is all we owe

People, it’s time to go

My brothers and sisters

Please be strong

Just hold on

For just a little while

Time is on our side

Evil will never survive

First Leaves of Spring

Saw Winter in Toronto

A Sight I can’t forget

Lights among the snowcapped Trees

Was as good as it could get

Autumn Colours were a Blast

Of Summer I could Sing

But somehow Nothing can compare

To Those First leaves of Spring

I saw it first in childhood books

It seemed a Fairytale

But then one Misty Morning

I found it all so real

Soft Colours in the distance

Was just the sweetest thing

Pity that it didn’t last

Those Gentle leaves of Spring

I’ve traveled through the Provinces

Much Beauty I have seen

Memries of the Nights in Gauge Park

Somewhere near Main and Queen

They Floated Gently on the Ice

Like Birds with Outstretched Wing

But One thing Stains my memory

It’s Those First Leaves of Spring.

Emperor Elijah..Abeid Cazembe Muata Franklyn J Wallace c

December 10 2021

The Scammers By Summa

Just today, a friend sent me an article about a policewoman in Jamaica, who was the leader of a scamming ring. Those scammers wherever they are, have caused so much pain and heartache to people and families, especially the elderly, robbing them of their money and some of their entire life savings. I am yet to understand why someone would send money to a person you don’t even know, who is living in another country.

Those scammers have raked in millions of dollars every year, not caring about the people that they are hurting. They like to use the lottery scam, but if you don’t gamble, or you have never purchased a ticket, how could you win the lottery? My dear people when you get those types of phone calls, simply hang up on the caller or tell them to take the money they need from the winnings. If you win a million dollars, why should you have to pay to get that money? If you know someone who might be involved in scamming, report them to the police. Scammers must be stopped at all costs.